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Natick, MA Chapter Member Since 2018

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Reliability + Availability + Consistency

We help PbP in many of their projects as Organizers and Cleaners.

White Cleaning Wears Piece by Piece Shirt

Notable CASE

Boston University

In 2020, due to the Pandemic, BU decided to empty all its student residences – 16,000 students PbP hired Us to help them in this ‘ War Operation ‘

We’ve done with the resident students belongings Sort, Pack, Id Storage, Return to students their own belongings

We call this type of Job ORGANIZATION

Reliability + Availability + Consistency

Located in Natick, MA Angel’s Painting was founded in 1999 They also do Carpentry services.

A long time White Cleaning Partners We do most of the Cleanings Always when they need skilled Cleaners

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Our Testimonials

What Our Clients Say About Us

Mike Devine
Richey & Clapper, Inc.
Sudbury MA

White Cleaning provides us with thorough & reliable service with a smile. 

Steve Hauk
Sales Manager
M. Steinert & Sons
Newton, MA

We have been customers of White Cleaning since 2020 and couldn’t be happier with their service. They are very reliable and always attentive to the details. They are willing to go the extra mile, and respond to any special requests. White Cleaning cares about their customers.

Angel Valdivia
Angel’s Painting
Natick, MA

I’m very thankful for their excellent services. The crew always punctual, offers a great value and well worth it. I’m happy to recommend the service of White Cleaning to anyone.

Angelo Petrop
Kosmos Restaurant
Walpole, MA

The best cleaners we've ever had. We have been customers since 2019. White Cleaning cleans our 2 restaurants. And we appreciate the consistency of their work.